About us

About us

Semper Musica Association was born from the desire to change the community in better. Our activity is mostly in HIV prevention-education area for high-school teenagers in Romania. All the projects implemented by us are based on our vision and mission.

Vision: “A society without new cases of HIV among young people, in which discrimination against HIV-positive people does not exist”
Mission: “We fight for the free access of young people to education and protection for HIV prevention and against discrimination against people with HIV +”


We also have some strong values such as: innovation, diversity, responsibility and quality, involvement and action.

Our projects from the beginning to present educated teen regarding their sex life debut risks, and the effects of these projects for youth have propelled us to various competitions, summing not less than 10 national prizes.

Since the beginning, we have been educating teens from disadvantaged areas about HIV and their reproductive and sexual health rights.

Our team consists of:

Project manager – Madalin Ianus

Project assistant – Gabriela Ioana

FASMR representant – Ruxandra Pologea

Volunteer administrative assistant – Hasegan Vlad-Sebastian

Volunteer communication assistant – Andrei Manea

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