The need of rural youth for comprehensive sexual education

The need of rural youth for comprehensive sexual education

Nowadays, we are way more used to the reality we were born in than with the one we coexist. If you’re reading this, chances are you have Internet access from the comfort of your own desk, or maybe you’re just close to a Wi-Fi router. Not all of us were born with the privilege of urban life, which means it is our duty to get informed and to actively contribute.

Teenagers in rural areas have the right to quality Sexual Education, but the question is if this right is truly being satisfied. It is estimated that more than 15 percent of Romanian households do not have access to the Internet, and school dropout rate is rising. These statistics are merely the tip of an iceberg of deficient public health, considering that, generally, villages do not truly benefit from health education, and internet access with no preliminary education opens the gates to confusion and issues of all kind.

Comprehensive Sexual Education, as a European standard, needs many more resources than these mentioned above. Non-formal and interactive teaching methods are still in an experiment phase in urban areas and almost absent in rural ones. All these and many other contribute to the conclusion that there is a need of implication from the state and NGOs. This ideal can be reached, in time, with our help.

Semper Musica together with the Romanian Federation of Medical Students Association and our partners have kick-started a study so that our future actions will completely reflect the rural society’s needs regarding information on SexEd and sexual life in general.

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