Strategic planning for Semper Musica

Strategic planning for Semper Musica

An important part of the project Services for youth from Norway in Romania- PILOT represents the strategic planning process. We thought we needed to remember why we have been working for so many years in the field of reproductive and sexual health education and HIV prevention and why we are still involved in this area.

Although we all know what we do well and what we still have to do, we decided to get involved in a strategic planning process that will help us realize what our strengths and weaknesses are.

The process began with the presentation of the team members and the moment of their involvement in what Semper Musica means. The first meeting focused on the expectations we have from the planning process and how we would like the strategic plan and the operational plan to be at the end of the process. Because it is not only necessary the opinion of the members about our activity, but also of the institutions, associations, volunteers with whom we collaborated, we developed a short questionnaire that helped us to see what perspective others have about us.

We are very curious what conclusions will result from the analysis of the answers, and we can’t wait to keep you up to date with the progress of strategic planning.

Obviously, a key part of the planning process are our partners who were present and active: FASMR and Sex and Society, our Norwegian partner.

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